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All knowledge is connected to all other knowledge. The fun is in making the connections. Arthur Aufderheide


Welcome to IBDP Computer Science

This site is intended to support students of both Standard Level (SL) and Higher Level (HL) IBDP CS.

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Assessment opportunityDescription
Paper 1 (SL/HL)An examination paper covering the core syllabus.
Paper 2 (SL/HL)An examination paper covering the option (Java).
Paper 3 (HL)An examination paper covering the case study.
*IA Solution (SL/HL)A set of documents relating to the product you developed for a client.

*The Internal Assessment (IA) is a project. You will identify a problem/need with a client and develop and design a product to solve the problem/meet the need.

The grade for the actual product is only a small part of the solution.

You need to be able to meet a variety of criteria. See the link on the left side of the page (top of page for small devices) for more information.



Be ready to study hard and communicate with your classmates. Sharing your ideas about what you are studying will help you to learn and/or master it.

Stay focused. Difficult concepts are probably just unfamiliar. Make them familiar and they will get easier!

Vinh, Grade 12, 2021

Tough course! But fun!

Amy, Grade 11, 2021

Half way! Gonna fail for sure. I don't get itttttttttttt!!!!!

Peter, Grade 12, 2021

I will study Computer Science at college thanks to this course.

Jake, Grade 12, 2021

I messed up the IA! Hint - Focus on meeting EACH CRITERIA! Not just developing a cool product!

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