Internal Assessment (30 hours)

client-based project

Internal Assessment

Welcome to the Internal Assessment (worth up to 30% (SL) and 20% (HL) of your overall grade).

Because this is Computer Science, many IB students make the mistake of believing that if they design the next TikTok as a solution to the IA, they will ace this component of the course.

However, the product that you will create for a client is only one aspect of the solution. In fact, there are 5 criteria which you need to meet if you are serious about a good IA grade:

  1. Planning
  2. Solution overview
  3. Development
  4. Functionality and extensibility of product
  5. Evaluation

This means that your actual product may be quite basic and not very good but if you follow the process correctly, you can do well in the IA!!!

A full description of each of these criterion can be found in the Course Guide (pp 81-83).

Check out this link for a great overview of what the IA as all about!

Here is another useful link.

more resources

Criteria A+B Sample

Assessment Criteria

Please see the course guide, p83, for a detailed description of the assessment criteria for each of the 5 aspects of the couse.