You will research how the Bone Tool can be used in Adobe Flash.

You will produce:

  1. a text-based tutorial on the basics of how to use the Bone Tool or
  2. a video screencast tutorial of how to use the Bone Tool.

You can choose to create a text-based tutorial. This could be done in a Google Doc and you could use screenshots to help you explain how to use the Bone Tool.

Or you can choose to do a video screencast. You will need a microphone. This requires preparation and you will have to practice a few times before you are ready to produce your final screencast.


You can use the skills you have learned to create a short animation about one of these three topics:

  • My school day.
  • My future.
  • The worst day ever!
  • The best day ever!
  • A dream I have.

To get an A, your animation must include:
  1. Good drawing skills.
  2. Organised, named layers.
  3. Animated Library Symbols with organised, named layers.
  4. Motion tweens (if appropriate).
  5. Sound.
  6. Multiple scenes, including at least a start scene and a "The End!" scene
  7. Any other features you discover by yourself!