So, now we know how to

  1. draw with strokes and fills
  2. bend lines when drawing to create new shapes
  3. use F6 to create new keyframes. We need these when things change in our animation
  4. control our animation by organising characters on layers

Coming alive!

Your second challenge is to recreate this animation. The 4 videos below are short tutorials covering everything you need to know to be successful in this second task. You will learn how to create animated characters within your animation. Watch the video carefully. You can see that Scene 1 has 4 layers but is only 1 frame long!! A very short movie!! You can also see that there are 4 symbols in the Library:

  1. A sun - it is shining
  2. A boat - it is rocking
  3. An ocean - it is moving
  4. A flag - it is fluttering

Part 2 - Coming alive!


In your online journal, paste a screenshot(s) of your scene and answer these questions:
  1. How long (in frames) is your scene?
  2. How many layers are in the scene?
  3. Explain briefly how you developed the scene, step by step.
  4. Do you think you can do better in the next unit? Explain.