You are part of a Game Concept Design team. Your team presents game ideas to professional designers. If the game is developed, you receive royalty payments for your contribution to the development of the game.

You will create a game concept for morning train travelers who are killing time on the way to work eg in Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing and soon... Ho Chi Minh City.

Your game should be relatively simple, easy to play and difficult to win.

It should include fun sound effects and engaging characters that are easy on the eye.

Think... Flappy Bird... Mario... Pac Man!

Your game can be a 1-scene game or a multi-scene game.

Your game must have at least 1 character. This character must have a personality eg shy, angry, happy, fun which is clear to understand. The character can change personality during the game.

You must design your character. You cannot download any images from the internet.

Your game scene should be easy on the eye - not too cluttered but not too bland and boring. Small details will make it look good.

Your game must have a scoring system eg a player can win and lose.

Your game must have sound effects eg background music or sound effects when things happen. You must make the sound effects. You cannot download sound from the internet.

Your time is limited. Work together. Work hard. Get things done. You will not have time to produce a pro game - you are creating a game concept. Do your best!

You will keep a weekly journal. You must aim for 400 words per week. Include screenshots of your work. Discuss your progress. Discuss successes and frustrations. Discuss your experience working with your team mate(s). This is your journal. Keep it personal, casual, and interesting!