Creating a Start Scene

So.. we have a game that works! How much to you understand these lines of code:

  1. var xSpeed:int;
  2. if(ball.x > 550){//some code}
  3. playerScore.text = String(pScore);

This is maybe your first time to write code so don't worry if some of it still doesn't make sense. Keep studying, exploring and designing and everything will become clear!

Now that we have a game that works, we should make a start screen with some options eg

  • Play!
  • See instructions
  • High Scores

Watch the video and learn how to create a start scene. Here is some helpful code.

Make a start scene for your game.

Can you also program your game to go to another scene after the player wins or the computer wins?

And when the game ends after the player or computer wins, how about designing a "Play again?" button?