A Level Computer Science

getting ready for the workplace


Welcome to A Level Computer Science

This course is split into 4 papers.

Papers 1 and 2 form the Advanced Subsiduary course.

Papers 3 and 4 form the A2 course.

Each course has:

AS level is a relatively calm continuation of IGCSE Computer Science.

A2 level has a marked increase in complexity levels.


Study Hard in Class

Explore the technology in practical sessions.

Discuss your understanding with classmates - construct new understandings together.

Vinh, Grade 12, 2017

Tough course! But fun! Half-way point reached!

Amy, Grade 13, 2019

I enjoyed Object Oriented Programming the most. Amazing!

Peter, Grade 13, 2017

I will study Computer Science at college thanks to this course.

Jake, Grade 12, 2018

Hated the theory section! But, it was kind of interesting, too.

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