Computational thinking and problem solving

creating abstract models of real world problems


a series of defined steps followed to solve a given problem

Computer Science has developed a range of different data structures allowing computers to store data. A classic example is an array.

Computer Scientists have also developed a series of classic algorithms to all data structures to be processed quickly and efficiently.

This unit will introduce some of the data structures and algorithms prevalent in Computer Science today.

The Hard Yards

Keep thinking! Stay focussed. Your brain is going to struggle with deep thinking when studying this. Take a break when you need to, but don't avoid the struggle!


Some of this may take a term or more to understand. That is fine. Keep working at it!

Take a break but don't give up.

Talk to your classmates. You can help each other build your understanding.

Use pen and paper to sketch out ideas and concepts. It will help you to visualize abstract concepts.