Computer Science

understanding fundamental principals

revision tips

All knowledge is connected to all other knowledge. The fun is in making the connections. Arthur Aufderheide


Welcome to IGCSE Computer Science 2023

This course has 2 components:

Each component has unit quizzes and end-of-term assessments. The course has been designed so that the practical component will help you to understand the theoretical component, a vice versa.

Be ready to study hard and communicate with your classmates. Talking about what you are studying will help you to learn it.

Stay focused. Difficult concepts are probably just unfamiliar. Make them familiar and they will get easier!


Study Hard in Class

Explore the technology in practical sessions.

Discuss your understanding with classmates - construct new understandings together.

Vinh, Grade 10, 2017

Tough course! But fun!

Amy, Grade 10, 2016

I enjoyed Graphic Design the most. Love Photoshop!

Peter, Grade 11, 2017

I will study Computer Science at college thanks to this course.

Jake, Grade 10, 2016

Hated the theory section! But, it was kind of interesting, too.

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