Students will be able to:

  • understand variables and basic (primitive) data types in Java
  • understand Boolean expressions and if-else statements
  • understand iteration - for loops and while loops
  • understand basic 1-dimensional arrays
  • understand the String class and some of it's useful methods - length(), equals(), indexOf(), compare(), substring()
  • understand how to generate random numbers using the Math class
  • understand that a computer program can call static methods to do the dirty work of processing data

Starting out

programming fundamentals

Getting started is a series of units to kick start your programming adventure. You will learn about variables, loops, boolean expressions, random numbers and also about some useful helper classes such as the Math class, the String class and the Scanner class.



If... Else

Boolean expressions

For loops

While loops

Case Study #1

Basic arrays

The Math class

The String class

More Strings

Static Methods

Case Study #2


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