Students will be able to:

  • add an armature rig as a parent to a model.
  • animate the model by applying keyframes.
  • understand what fps means

Intro to animation

3D Modeling

We will explore how to create a bone structure for our model.

Then we can aminate the bones by using keyframes! Fun!!

Watch the video, follow the steps, design a 10 second animation and submit some screenshots of your work, including the timeline of your animation.

If you want to start with a basic fork, download this file and skip to 2.51 in the video:

Note: things like subdivision subsurface modifiers are optional. Let's focus on animating!

Study Skills

Let's start again!

See what you can remember the steps for creating a basic 3D model as you design your fork.

It will help you to check if you understand the process and also help you to memorise keyboard shortcuts.