Students will be able to:

  • use their skills to design a model, create an animation and produce a video.

Intro to animation

3D Modeling

It's time to mess around.

Could you create your own model and animate it?

Or perhaps you would like to find your own tutorial on the Internet and complete as much of it as you can.

The following video is a simple free-design and animation challenge. You can choose this option if you want.


Or how about attempting another tutorial?

This will help you to use what you alrady know and build some new skills, too.


These are exemplars from students who had no experience with Blender at the start of the course and chose either the messing around option, or the tutorial option:

Ben, in Grade 10, did not enjoy working on the tutorials. He found them to be boring and quite difficult to follow. However, he realised that they had helped to introduce the basic concepts and he was able to create a very cool "Throne and Sword" design. The success of this project hinged on creating complex shapes. The hilt of the sword is a case in point. The symmetry of the throne is also excellent.

Kenny, in Grade 9, enjoyed the tutorials and decided to challenge himself with another, more complex, tutorial - creating a low-poly animal. It introduced how to rig an armature to the model for animation purposes. He achieved an A for dedicating himself to this complex process.

dimensions website

sample tutorial part 1

sample tutorial part 2

Zac, in Grade 10, detested working on the tutorials. He achieved a low C by the end of the tutorial cycle. However, Zac discovered a talent for technology that he had not known before. This American Indian tomahawk free design is a fantastic example of creativity, grit and commitment to a technology-related project.

Tintin, in Grade 10, started the course by completing the Spoon, Cup and Clock tutorials. He then set to work on his own independent study. After messing around with keyframes in Blender, he figured out how to create a drone with turning blades, taking off, moving and landing. A terrific Grade 10 technology project!

Tony, Grade 9, became a 3D modeling whizz. Hours of practice at home, watching tutorial videos and messing around with the technology, he finally produced some excellent work, the SpoonPen being a really good example!

Study Skills

When working on a tutorial, don't be afraid to add your own touches. And don't feel obligated to complete the tutorial. Do as much as you feel is worthwhile.