Students will be able to:

  • understand that a mesh has edges, faces and vertices.
  • understand that a complex mesh can result in a more complex model.
  • understand that extruding means we can shape an object by pulling and pushing edges, faces and vertices.
  • understand that 3D Modeling software can be really cool!

Intro to modifiers

3D Modeling

We will look at how to create a more symmetrical outline for our spoon.

We will also look at a technique to make sure that the mesh is symmetrical. If the mesh of the spoon is not symmetrical, it will look unbalanced when we try to mould the shape to make a nicer design.

Watch the video, follow the steps, and submit your file as instructed.

Reflection Activity

Study Skills

Challenge yourself to start again!

See what you can remember and try to rebuild your spoon from memory.

It will help you to check if you understand the process and also help you to memorise keyboard shortcuts.