A new world... a new start

A 3D-movie studio is looking to create a new movie entitled 2250... a new start.

A family who escape Earth's toxic atmosphere in their GT-1 craft land on a lush planet beyond the moon. There they start a new life, existing peacefully until one day, from out of the sky, come other Earthlings...

Project Outline

You and your classmates will create a concept scene for this movie.

Using Blender's camera, the viewer will be taken on a voyage around the scene, zooming in on the smallest detail and panning out to view the scene as a whole.

Make a list as a class of things that will be in the scene. Each member of the class will take responsibility for any aspect of the scene, no matter how small or big.

As the scene develops, items will be copied and pasted into it.

Remember, this is a concept. We are not looking to create a final, professional version.

Approach to Design

Within the project, each student can contribute up to 3 tutorial items. Other items that are required will be made independently from tutorials. Students are, however, enouraged to watch/complete tutorials to get new ideas and skills.

Students are free to work on the project at home. However, only work that has evidence of being worked on in class will be graded.

As an intro project, the 3D modeling work takes presedence over materials, colors etc. A gray concept model is a valid project contribution.