Students will be able to:

  • set up a camera for the video render
  • select settings for a successful render
  • render a blender animation
  • manipulate the camera for animation

Intro to animation

3D Modeling

We will render our animation as an MP4 video file.

The video will be seen through the eyes of the Bender camera - so we will learn how to set that up, too.

Task 1 - Parenting the camera to a rotating object

Watch the video and render your fork animation as an MP4 video file. Submit your .mp4 file as instructed.

Don't forget to save your .blend file, too.

Extension - animating the camera

In Task 1 we controlled the camera by parenting to a rotating object.

Un-parent the camera from the object. Explore how to animate the camera while your fork is dancing!

Create an .mp4 file of your finished product and submit it as instructed.


Coming soon

Study Skills

Let's start again!

See what you can remember the steps for creating a basic 3D model as you design your fork.

It will help you to check if you understand the process and also help you to memorise keyboard shortcuts.