Students will be able to:

  • follow a tutorial to get basic 3D modeling skills
  • create a digital spoon in 3D
  • enter a competition and adapt their design
  • promote their design on a webpage


Spoons. We use them every day. But who designs them? And can we design them differently? Maybe we would need a reason to do that:

   innovative spoons

   3D modeling competition

You are going to enter a 3D modeling competition.

You will design an innovative spoon.

    Step 1 - Getting some skills

Complete this 2-part tutorial series which will teach you how to make a basic spoon using the magical Blender application.

    Step 2 - adapt your spoon for a given purpose

Adapting a design is not easy for several reasons:

  • You may not have any ideas - well, ask around... and look around!
  • You may not have enough technical skill - well, do another tutorial. You have time to build your skills.
  • You may believe your current version is perfect enough - never believe this! We would still be living in mud huts if this was true. Don't be a cave man!

    Step 3 - create a webpage advertising your design. You webpage should:

  • have a nice, big title.
  • include screenshots or an animation of your model so that we can see it from different angles.
  • include a description of the purpose of your spoon. What makes it so special? Who would need it?

    Step 4 - submission

Submit your project folder including your 3D model file, your webpage and any associated files.


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Good Advice

Use your time wisely. Time is not an infinite resource...


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