Video Production involves developing myriad skills!

This is not a formal course. Students are encouraged to work together to produce a digital product - a video!

Some project ideas are:

  1. A music video
  2. A movie teaser
  3. Promoting a product or a person
  4. A short documentary
  5. A mockumentary
  6. A news program
  7. A stop-motion animation


Get together with your team. Brainstorm ideas. What kind of video do you want to shoot? Do you need a script? Do you need actors? Do you need a wardrobe and props?


Develop your idea. Explore locations and the sequence of events. Develop a script if necessary, or draw a storyboard.


Start to rehearse scenes and shoot with a camera. You can always delete what you don't need.


Every team member should have access to the video files. Import them into video editing software. Can you figure out:

Every member should have a go at exploring video editing software. Don't be afraid to mess things up. We are just exploring so we can share cool things that we discover.

STEP 5 - Version 1

Take your ideas and complete version 1 of the video. Export it in .mp4 format and submit as instructed.

Stalker - a movie teaser created by Grade 9 Video Production beginners

PAYY - a movie teaser created by Grade 9 Video Production beginners

I'm Ugly - a self-awareness video

Struggle - a conversation

This is War!!! A stop-motion video.

Team Rocket - a promo video