fundamental web design

Getting started

Follow these steps to make your first web page:

1. Get organised

Web Design projects mean you will be working with lots of files.

You will be making .html files which are web pages.

You will also be saving images of different formats eg .jpg, .png, .bmp

So, first, let's set up a project folder for Focus 1. Create the following folder structure:

2. Choose a text editor

You will be doing a lot of typing!

Choose a good text editor to type your HTML script.

Some options are:

Windows Mac
Notepad++ Brackets

3. Download

Download this file and save it in your project folder. It is a webpage .html file!


Introduce yourself by editing the focus1.html file.

Create a webpage that will tell the world:

  1. your name
  2. where you are from
  3. your hobbies
  4. any other interesting things about you.

Use different tags in your page - see w3Schools for help!


If you have time, can you also figure out how to:

  • change the background color of the body section of your page?
  • include an image in your page?
  • include a Youtube video in your page
  • change the color of the heading of your page
  • do other crazy stuff on your page. Make it as colourful and wild as you can!

Collaborate with your classmates to figure things out.


Submit your project folder as instructed by your tutor.


browser file tags body save h1 html h4 h2 structure refresh h3 organised collaborate