Buggy's Portfolio

After 2 terms of Computer science. This term we get to choose our "Passion project" I am still deciding what I would like to do. But I really like photoshop so I might do that. I have so many ideas in my head and I can't pick!!!


Today is my first day of this "Passion project". I started off with an idea of a photoshop which reflects on the COVID 19 pandemic . I have an idea of using the double exposure effect to create a virus that has the world image on it to make it feels like the Corona virus is taking over the world and we need to stop it. On my first attempt of this, I failed because when I put all the effects together the background wouldn't come up and the virus is still in black and white and I wanted it to be colored. So I needed to try again. On my second attempt, I successfully achieve the double exposure effect nicely but I accidently erase too much on the virus which makes one stem of the virus missing. I tried to undo it but it wouldn't look better so I just left if as it is and hope noone can spot it :)


This week , I have decided that I should change my idea on my passion project. I have decided that I am going to keep on using Adobe Photoshop but with a different ideas from last time. For this new attempt, I have decided to make another picture based on how quarantines makes us so sad and that kind of stuff. I'm going to be using myself as a model in this project. This is going to be about me sitting in my room in front of computer and the room is filling up with water which is like the sadness slowly building up because we all missed our friends and teachers so much.


Today, I have made the water texture more realistic by adding the water texture on the ground of my picture (Please look on the next slide for all my layers). As you can see, I have made the water more darker color by using the brush tool with a dark blue color and then use the "Hard light" effect to make it blends into the picture. I have also added more waves and air bubbles because I wanted it to look more like "Real water" . Things that I think went well today is the water texture at the bottom. To me, it looks really cool and dreamy. Things I found diificult is those waves on the water level. When I put them it the "free transform" tool won't let me transform the object because there was something to do with the pixels. But when I tried it at night, it somehow worked! which surprise me and confused me too.


This week I have added the fishes in the water. And the light coming through the window. Things that I struggle through is the downloading the png for the fishes because in the website it says it's transparent but when I put it in my project the background came up and I need to use other website for my fishes. And finally, I finish the work on my passion project. I feel like this project is really fun because we get to do whatever we wanted and whatever we like most. I should have also added the text "Quarantine" in the picture but it didn't work