Who Am I?


Hi! I'm Kara ((:

Why Computer Technology?

As one of my interest is art and technology, I think Computer Technology can help me expand my knowledge and understand more about the course. In this new subject I’ve learnt about Photoshop and photo editing skills, but the thing that attracted me the most was a 3D programming called Blender. This program was awesome as it helped me to develop my own 3D model which was pretty amazing. Although it took me a lot of time to figured out how to use and it was a bit arduous at first, I was able to get used to it nonetheless. For the last which got me by surprise, that I could have a chance to learn about coding and how to make a website which I felt extremely excited to learn. As you will see, these pictures under are the products of what I've been learning throughout the entire year. A brief summary about what I've made from my understanding. Enjoy ((((((: !!

What I've made?

Contact Me tuyetnhidh2002@gmail.com