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This week we looked at some of the exemplars for ideas for our passion project. I looked at all of the different exemplars of which they did lots of different things but Mike's one really caught my eyes. His passion project was the one where he did a trophy for his school from a 3d program. I thought it was really cool and it seems fun and challenging, so I thought I might give it a try. (the picture on the left) At first, I wasn't sure if I would want to do it because I was thinking of doing a drawing instead of using procreate and also I don't really know what I would do if it used the 3d modelling program but I felt that if I decided to draw it would have been too easy and it wasn't challenging enough so that is why I decided to try the 3d modelling and creating something that would be useful. But instead of doing a trophy, like what mike did, what I thought of doing was maybe a bed table, with a little bit of my own design to it. I wanted to do this because I know someone who I think would love to have this and by doing this in as a 3d model, it would allow me to maybe use and build this design for DT next year.


In this week, on Monday, I started my 3D modelling project by sketching out the design I wanted to do on Onsketch through using procreate. There were lots of different pieces of ideas in my head about how I wanted my bed desk to look like. I wanted the desk to be functional and also easy to move around and is not space consuming. So I ended up with the designing looking like this: (first picture). I also looked at some of the other bed desks as an example and inspiration. I have decided not to outline the sketches because I wanted it to look like a first draft. It was pretty difficult at first to draw the table and the bed from a perspective but once I got the hang of it, it became easier. As for on Friday, I started on the actual 3D modelling. i first sketched out the different parts of the desk like the legs, wheels etc, shown on the second picture in the picture carousel. Right now it looks pretty plain but my plan was to finish the basic model of the desk first and then add the details that will make it look better, like the tilted board etc. So after I finished building building the basic components i started to assemble the desk. At first i tried Assembling it with the base pole in the middle but I realised that it probably wouldn't be able to hold the desk so i decided to add another on to make it stronger. The problem is now it doesn't look as good as I imagined so I think that i need to find a better solution for this. I also realised that the wheels won't be able to fit onto the desk properly without some sort of thin metal piece to connect the wheels to the wheel support. But so far, its going really well! :)


This week was quite a slow week, I wasn't as productive as I could have been. On Monday, I used lesson time to research and find a tutorial on how to make the thin metal that is supposed to connect the supporter to the wheels but I wasn't able to find one. So I decided to text Mr Douglas for some help. I asked him on how I could model it on onshape since I got the cad program from him in the first place. He was really nice and supportive about this and he offered to make a tutorial for me, but since I asked him on Thursday, on the Friday lesson I wasn't able to model that, so I went and updated the desk face instead. I added the slanted piece on to the top of the desk. It was kinda difficult to model because I forgot to think about all of the dimensions and how they would connect in the planning process but in the end, I managed to successfully build the slanted part of the desk. I added a few extra components to help make the desk better like creating an indent on the desk to help the slanted part stay upright and creating a chamfer on the standing supporter to help make it easier to attach the slanted piece and the supporter together. The pictures on the left show the different components I managed to build this week, including the sketch I drew for Mr Douglas giving all the dimensions for the part.


This week was the last week for doing our passion project. At the beginning of the week, Mr Douglas sent me a model of the part that attaches the wheel onto the base, in my DT project file (first picture). He told me to look at the side panel where there were recordings of the things he did, all I had to do was do exactly what he did and it turned out like the second picture on the left. This week I was also able to finally attach the wheels and all the components together. It ended up being pretty good but I felt that the wheels were a little weird, but I didn't have enough time to find a better solution. The last thing I did to help wrap up the project was to recolour the different parts of the bed desk. I tried to find a way to add texture to the material but I wasn't able to find out how to do that, so the best I could do was to change the colour of the 3D model. I had to change the colour of the face of the table a couple of times to get the ride shade of brown that will still look good with the rest of the table, and I decided to go with a lighter tone of brown. I decided to not make the bottom part of the model all the same colour because I felt that it would be too plain and it wouldn't look good so I chose a light blue for the bars that are attached to the table face to the bottom part of the model. The wheels I made it a darker colour so that it stood out more and so that other people can tell that it's a different part from the rest. Once I finished all the recolouring, I had a small amount of time left so I decided to add a few little touches to the bed desk. At first, I tried to make the slot for the bars at the back that is keeping the slanted part up, but it didn't look so good so I changed to making the cup holder instead. The end result looks pretty good, considering the amount of time I got, but I wouldn't say it is completed. If I had more time, I would find a better way of attaching the wheels and if I could I would find a tutorial on how to model an adjustable piece so that I can add it on to the bar at the back of the desk. The last thing I would do is maybe find a better design that makes the desk more aesthetically pleasing but overall I’m pretty happy with how my Passion project turned out. There is also a 5-minute video replay, on the left, of me modelling my passion project this week.