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Data Literacy

Data Literacy is all about managing digital data. This includes gathering data by a variety of means and storing it in an appropriate format. It also includes processing data and producing a result in an appropriate format eg a pie chart or an infographic... or a word document!

This course will introduce you to fundametal concepts using popular digital tools. You will gain a deeper understanding of how data can be manipulated to produce meaningful insights, conclusions and predictions



Select a course of study

Documents will cover how digital data such as text and images can be formatted to create professional digital documents. The course will also cover the powerful concept of mail-merge.

Spreadsheets will cover how data can be formatted into rows and columns in a spreadsheet file. It will also introduce how powerful functions can be designed to help analyse data sets and produce meaningful conclusions in a variety of forms, including charts.

Presentations will introduce some tips and tricks on how to create an effective presentation.

Databases will give an insight into how data can be stored efficiently in a digital file. This course does not cover database-driven website design, but introduces fundamental database theory which will be useful for a future web design course.