Sample 1

Image challenge

Computers are terrific at storing data. That data could be:
  • text data
  • number data
  • text and number(alphanumeric) data
  • image and video data
  • sound data
Can you imagine other kinds of data that computers must be able to store, manage and display?
We are readers. It's one of the things that makes us human. But another thing that makes us human is the pleasure we take by observing beautiful things. So, one thing we can do to persuade people to read the things we write is to make it attractive. We need to present it appropriately. This may depend on the audience. What is attractive to a serious university professor may (or may not be) attractive to a 3-year-old who has recently discovered books!
The following tasks will challenge you to use popular document-editing software to format ordinary, boring paragraphs of text into something that people might just want to read!


This is an intro task Can you figure out how to format some boring text? Follow the document specification carefully! You will need to understand how to:
  • create columns
  • create and align a header
  • align text
  • wrap text around an image
  • insert fields eg auto-page numbering
  • format line-spacing
  • format margins


Review Exercise 1 and figure out how to format a standard table of data.


A general review with a little more on images and hyperlinks.


This exercise will show you the format of an assessment and also challenge your Data Literacy and Problem-solving skills.


How can we send the same letter to many different people, including all of the correct names and addresses in each letter? We can use Mail Merge!


We can create rules to make our Mail Merge document very smart at displaying the correct information to the correct people.


A general review activity. How long will it take you to complete it?!


Mini-project: Can you use your skills with your own idea?