Welcome to this introduction to Adobe Photoshop. It is a place where beginners can come and find out how to kick start their new career as a Digital Graphic Designer. There is a short video tutorial course for you to follow which will quickly get you up to speed on some of the basics and beyond!

Tom Cruise Tutorials

Intro Tuts

Free Tutorial

You are free to choose your own tutorial(s). You will get credit for each tutorial you complete during the time available. Here are some options. Take some time to find a good starter

Feel free to find your own tutorial on the internet. One idea is to create a pinterest account and search for "photoshop tutorial".

Note: tutorials are not always easy! Keep trying and do your best - your result doesn't have to be perfect, as long as the tutorial gives you more experience of Photoshop!

Click here for some cool ideas or....


Now you should know how to:

  • open Images in Photoshop
  • create/rename/delete Layers
  • create Adjustment Layers
  • create Clipping Masks
  • use Blend Modes
  • set up and use a Brush
  • Insert and style text

You may know how to:

  • use the Smudge tool
  • use the Clone Stamp tool
  • use the Filter Gallery
  • use the Eyedropper tool
  • use the Crop tool

Click here for more project information

Option 1

Use only these files to create a movie poster, book cover or another example of print media of your choice.

Option 2

Create a Self Portrait in Photoshop that reflects who you are.

One idea is to create a poem reflecting who you are or how you feel about something. Here are some student exemplars:

Option 3

Work with a teacher or a member of your community to create a useful design for a specific purpose eg a classroom display or a poster for an event that is happening soon.

A student created a poster for a school event. The main focus was on working with text and shapes. Issues were styling the text and using the paintbrush tool and effects to help text stand out more. Creating a final layout idea also took time.