Web Design

collaborate - solve problems - create

Your team will choose one of the project ideas below. The main project concept is that we are using our web design skills for a purpose. We will try to create something inspiring!

The Project Period will allow you to use your skills creatively and overcome design problems by exploring Web Design.

Don't expect all of your dreams to come true given the time available. Expect to use the time available wisely.

A local business

Create a website promoting a local business.

You will get extra respect for designing a website for a real local business that simply cannot afford to pay for a website.

However, your business can be a fictitious business.

The options are endless!

Rock Band

Each member of your team is a member of a rock band - or any other kind of band eg traditional music band.

Create a website to promote yourselves. You will need to create images of you performing, possibly infront of huge audiences!

A music video would be a great addition to the web site.

Maybe a merchandise page?

The options are endless!

Vote for me

One (or more) members of your team is going to run for president of your school. Create a website promoting the candidate(s).

Why should students vote for you? What issues are you going to focus on?

A video introducing yourself as a candidate will give voters a real feel for who you are and what you stand for.

Maybe your site will have an interactive page where potential voters complete a survey... or something like that!

The options are endless!


Is there an issue (school/local/national/global) that you and your team members feel passionate about?

You are not satisfied with information relating to this currently on the web - or maybe there is nothing about it on the web yet!

Create a dynamic, attractive website that raises awareness about the issue.

The options are endless!

Team organisation

Your team will maintain a shared folder which hosts your web design files. Here is an example of the folder structure:


Personal organisation

You will create a personal project folder to store all of the files that you are working on. This should include any project files eg .psd, .ai, .html, .prproj

When you have developed some content, you should then put it in the team folder.

A sample personal project folder structure is:



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