AP Computer Science A

AP Computer Science A. Full course with assignments and assessments. Java is currently used for this course.

Starting Out is for newbs.

OOP is for students moving on.

AP focuses on the exam.

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3D Modeling and Animation

This course will introduce you to Blender. It uses material from the Blender Foundation and Youtube videos from kind people who like to share. The course recommends a structure that you can follow to get into 3D Modeling and animation at a pretty high level.

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Data Literacy

Learn useful techniques in managing, editing, storing and displaying digital data using a variety of software applications. These courses are based on the Microsoft Office Suite but the concepts are transferable to most data management applications.

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Graphic Design

This coure will introduce you to Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

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Video Production

This course will introduce you to three very cool pieces of Video Production software from the Adobe Creative Suite: Premier Pro, After Effects and Audition. If you are interested in Video Production or Sound Production, have a look at this course.

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Web Design

This course will introduce you the the basics of Web Design. You will learn how to insert content into web pages and manage the layout and the style of the content. The course uses HTML5 and will eventually introduce you to the Bootstrap Framework, developed by Twitter.

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This course will introduce you to IBDP Computer Science. It is a work in progress.

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IGSCE Computer Science

This course will cover Cambridge International IGCSE Computer Science.

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A Level Computer Science

This course will cover Cambridge International AS/A2 Level Computer Science.

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Intro to Technology

This course will introduce you to skills that will help you be successful when using technology. You will complete a lot of different projects and assignments. Let's get your tech skills up!

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